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For Recreation Therapists: Online course content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC for 12 hours of continuing education.

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I was inspired to create this course because of my own experience

Paying closer attention to nature in my daily life helps me feel SO much better, and be more creative and productive too.

You can benefit from the same simple practices that are producing positive results for me and lots of other people!

"As a result of taking Shelagh's course...

"... I realize how important it is to give myself a nature prescription. Even though the primary focus of my work is helping people connect with nature, I was always too busy caring for the well-being of others to take a break on my lunch hour. Now I find myself eating outside, going for a quick walk, or stopping to pick flowers.

I realize that I have more to give by giving myself permission to take a break and look around. I don't have to go far to feel reconnected to nature and part of something greater than myself."  
Emma Rooney, Creativity Facilitator & Founder, Blooming Caravan, Toronto, Ontario

"This course is truly fantastic"

"I was in a sad place when I first started and getting out in Nature and seeing life in a different perspective has really lightened my being. 

Thank you, Shelagh. I truly believe this course came along at the right time." 
– Debbie Boef, Instructor of Recreation Therapist Assistant Program, Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC

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for more joy, fascination and wonder...

Yes, more joyful nature play in my day, please!

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